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Every man secretly wants to work in an office, surrounded by beautiful secretaries just waiting to bone the boss. Here at, we understand that fantasy in a big way, and we want to make it come true for you! Within our cyber office, you are the boss and when you look through our tubes and pictures, you are sure to find the secretary of your dreams. These office sluts can't wait to take dick-tation and their oral skills are out of this world. Bend them over the desk and drill them hard – they love it when the boss takes charge. These sex-etaries are ready to give you ever drop of office pussy you can handle!

Phoenix Marie gets fucked at work

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Sex Office presents Phoenix Marie hasn’t been fucked in a whole month! To make matters worse, her date just cancelled on her. She was almost guaranteed to get dick on that date. Her co-worker over hears her and giggles a tiny. He doesn’t believe that she can make a guy just give it to her so easy. She’s out to prove her co-worker wrong by doing a small strip tease for him, right in the office! It definitely works because he has his organ out and in her cooze in no time.

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Veronica Avluv loves to fuck at work

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Sex Office presents Veronica Avluv is leaving her current employer to start her own company and she would dig to bring her favorite hired hand with her. He’s hesitant to join her, but Veronica has a special immediate bonus to help persuade him. It’s not necessarily a dough bonus. It’s more of a woody bonus. She pulls out his shaft and gets pounded on his desk. Now that’s a bonus no man can turn down.

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Alexis Ford fucks the sales team

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Sex Office presents Alexis Ford‘s sales team is having a really bad month. Her two brassiere Realtor’s haven’t been able to sell a single home so far. She really needs them to sell at least 10 houses by month’s end or she’ll lose her industry. She comes up with a plan to motivate them…..with her enormous boobies. She busts out her rack, sucks their cocks, and they take turns in her cunt. What a great boss and great approach to motivate your employees.

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Tessa Lane fucks the hot IT guy

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Sex Office presents Tessa Lane is having her IT guy, Danny, take a look at her laptop. Thankfully, he’s able to restore it and save all her files. All he wants as a thanks is keys to the executive restroom so he can have some peace while he does his biz. Well Tessa needs another favor from Danny so she follows him in. There’s nothing wrong with her stiff drive this time around, she just wants his hard penis. She strips down for Danny and has him shove his pecker between her giant breasts before taking it in her juicy cunt. Danny’s IT job sure does have some great fringe benefits.

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Monique Alexander is horny fucks at work

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Sex Office presents Mark has getting pounded had it with his job. He’s put up with so much shit over the years, breaking his back and logging in extra hours, and now corporate’s dicking him around. Well no more. He turns in his resignation to Monique Alexander and tells her to piss off, that he’s gone. But Monique isn’t ready to let him go; she wants to keep him as an hired hand, so she’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep him there. And that includes letting him give her the old in-out at the office. The tattooed looker unfurls Mark’s giant prick, pulls up her skirt and let’s him have a go. She sucks his prick so good that not only will he stay with the company, he’ll ask her if he can work for free.

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Puma Swede fucks one of her workers right on her own desk.

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Sex Office presents Johnny’s interviewing for a secretarial job with Puma Swede, but he quickly learns that she asks very unconventional interview questions. When she starts to ask him what he looks like without clothes on, he knows for sure that this isn’t your average interview. Off come the clothes, out come Puma’s monster fake juggs, out come Johnny’s monster firm wang, which then goes into Puma’s sultry wet twat. After he blasts a sexy load all over her face and lips, she admits that she’s not the head honcho, that the real boss is on her technique in. Break a leg!

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Anikka Albrite has sex with a big cocked worker.

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Sex Office presents Blackmail is alluring, at least that’s what Anikka Albrite believes. She knows her boss Bill is banging one of his employees, so she tells him she wants an extra day off during the week in return for keeping her big, wet mouth shut so HR doesn’t hear about it. Bill scoffs it off and convinces himself that she’s just jealous because he’s banging someone else and not her. He offers his titillating flaxen hired hand his big dong after ripping her pantsuit off and licking up her soaked soaked slit as she sits on his desk in nothing but nylons, then blasting his naughty load over her bootie after a nice hard fuck.

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Jayden Jaymes has sex on her desk

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Sex Office presents Instead of working, Anthony Rosano was caught watching cat skin flicks at work by his Boss, Jayden Jaymes. Jayden is not very happy with his performance and she decides to fires him on the spot.He begs and pleads for his job, but she feels he’s just not a valuable worker. He’s lazy, wastes time watching cat tubes, dresses like a slob and anyway, she just can’t find anything else for him to do around the office. Anthony mentions he’s great at eating slit, so she decides to try him out. After she tests out his shaft and cooze easting skills, she decides to keep him on the team

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Kortney Kane has sex with her worker

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Sex Office presents Kortney Kane desperately needs Johnny’s help with a project at the office. She just landed a new client, but she can’t complete the project without his expertise. It’s the end of the day and Johnny is tired and hesitant to spend his time doing her work after hours. What will he benefit from it? Kortney begs and pleads and he finally gives in; under one condition, a kiss.After one kiss, they both can’t get enough. Johnny whips out his enormous wang and she sucks and fucks him until he delivers a massive load on her face and the promise of the project on her desk first thing in the morning.

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Romi Rain has hot sex with a co worker

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Sex Office presents Romi Rain is new on the job, and she got to go to Germany for work! Problem is, she spent technique over her budget out there, and now accounting is busting her chops about it, telling her she’s gonna have to reimburse the company. Romi doesn’t have any coin, but she’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep from getting fired. Even if it means taking accountant Johnny’s big prick in her throat right there in the office! Romi let’s the number-cruncher bend her over the desk and throb his sausage inside of her, then illustrate his favorite number to her — 69.

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